6 Secrets That Experts You for Your Belly/Navel Piercing. Do You Want To Know?

6 Secrets That Experts You for Your Belly/Navel Piercing. Do You Want To Know?

Belly button or Navel piercing okay first off your jewelry for a navel piercing is almost always universally across the table going to be a 14g and 14g is the thickness of the bar okay that's kind of an industry-standard everyone whether they come across a 12g is a little bit thicker but for the most part, no matter, where you go that should be a pretty easy one it's always going to be 14g you know being the thickness of the post, okay, you would never want to put anything thinner in there that air just gets a lot of movement and anything thinner could possibly cut or get pulled out really easy so always stick with 14g now as far as the length of your bar. I usually like to pierce with a 14g that's a pretty common sized length to get pierce with and that just gives you a little bit of room for healing, draining and discharge and all that other cheap stuff that's definitely going to occur during the healing and spoil the navel of that piercing.

How We Start Our Procedure Before Piercing?

We are fully trained Piercer will help you to relax and select our exclusive jewelry for your belly/navel piercing by explaining the procedure the site of the piercing is been cleaned and then marked before getting Peirce's and take your online consent for the piercing.

How To Belly/Navel Piercing Is Done? 

You will then be asked to lie down so the area can be carefully clamped it is then pierced using a sterile needle leaving the tube in place the tube through the jewelry can be inserted it is then gently pushed through when it's in position the tube is removed finally the ball is screwed on and the piercing is complete it's as simple as that before you go the piercer will check that you're completely satisfied.

How Long Belly Piercing Heal?

You just kind of asked your piercer beforehand what size you piercing with you can write it down just have so you know. now as far as aftercare is your basic healing for a navel piercing is going to be roughly six to eight months, you know and that's going to slightly vary depending on the person but on average six to eight months is your healing time.

How To Clean Belly/Navel Piercing? 

Let's talk about saltwater soaks sea salt soaks so basically proper body piercing aftercare now everybody who's gonna have like a different time as far as how far is gonna heal your care should let you know a general time frame on that but basically first off there's a couple

What do you want to clean your piercing?

Saltwater sea salt off your hands down the best way and it's really easy to do the first thing you want to do is you want to go the grocery store and you want to get a gallon of distilled water or salted boil water, distilled water is like you can get from any medical store is going to have that really easy to find. So once you have that you're going to get some non-iodized sea salt don't substitute with anything else.

Belly/Navel Aftercare And Many More 

Sea salts you have your one gallon of distilled water and you're going to take four teaspoons of that sea salt and you're going to mix it in that one gallon of water shake it up that's going to give you like a big jug to kind of keep around the house all right store that at room temperature. So once you have that jug once maybe twice a day you're going to do a salt wash soap the way to do that is you take a coffee cup. Coffee cup shot glass always use glass never plastic cups tend to leach into your solution you're actually contaminated when you go to heat up here a or shot glass ways the best things so you got your cup you're going to take your gallon of sea saltwater and you're going to pour it into the coffee cup in this case all right once you have filled up you're going to put into the microwave for about a few seconds. Microwaves different you want to make sure that your saltwater solution is barely body temperature and shouldn't try to burn the piercing area, and you're going to just navel pierced the same thing make richer against your stomach push really large you can like that suction going or seal itself and just stand up and hang out for seven to fifteen minutes and likewise piercings and that's going to be the best way to throw everything else out the window and just do saltwater soaks and yeah it's pretty simple or soak with tissue paper


No Cheap Jewelry
No Thick Or Slim Needle
No Cotton
No Ordinary Water